How we work:

STEP - 1

Place Order

STEP - 2

Receive free Postage and Box

STEP - 3

Mail Shoe to American Heelers

STEP - 4


STEP - 5

Split the Sole

STEP - 6

Add the Shoe Lift to Sole

STEP - 7


STEP - 8

We Ship Back free

STEP - 9


  1. Place the order
  2. American Heelers Technician will send you a shipping kit with our business reply label attached
  3. All you do is place the shoes in the bag and leave the item with your outgoing mail
  4. American Heelers receives the package and performs the repair
  5. American Heelers bills you by e-mail where you will have the option to use an electronic check or any credit card
  6. Your shoes will be back on your feet in no time