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American Heelers Covers Every Corner of the US with mail-In Format

American Heelers, while based in Cleveland, OH caters to the market of not only Ohio but the entire United States. In fact most of the people who use the shoes lift service live many miles away. With the advent of the internet and the fast service of the United States Post Office, American Heelers is able to offer its shoes lifts service to the entire United States and even Canada.

American Heelers orthopedic shoe lifts are a great and economical way to correct for a leg length discrepancy. Many people have the problem with one of their legs being shorter than the other. There is no reason to go through life walking wobbly or using shoe inserts which make it uncomfortable to wear your favorite shoes. Through American Heelers unique method of modifying shoes for shoes lifts, your leg length discrepancy may be corrected.

The way the process works is we split the sole of your shoe. Add the shoes lift to the size you specify and then reattach the bottom of the sole back on. This way the shoes lift is not noticeable from a fashion point of view as well as not noticeable as in not causing discomfort to you. Over the years we have done a countless number of these jobs as you can see from out customer testimonials, our customers always come back for more. Our methods allow you to keep the shoes you love and not have to bother with ugly and unattractive orthopedic shoes.