Adjusting for only part of leg length difference with shoe lifts

Compensation for Leg Length Difference needs to be gradually increased over time

The common school of thought amongst physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons when it comes to how much of a leg length difference to compensate for is very consistent.  Most of these medical professionals will tell their patients when giving them a measurement of leg lengths to start with a shoe lift modifications of about 50% of the total leg length inequality.  Then over time to gradually work to full compensation.The reasons for this are that the body needs to be acclimated to the shoe lift gradually instead of all at once.  If the leg length inequality is overcompensated for then that could cause other complications which are avoidable.  Always consult with your medical professional before deciding on what lift size to go with.

shoe lift modification with a taper to zero at the toe
shoe lift modification with a taper to zero at the toe

14 thoughts on “Adjusting for only part of leg length difference with shoe lifts

  1. I received my modified shoe back in april 2013. I have to say I am 40 yrs old & after 29yrs of having to deal with leg length issues, this was the 1st time in 29yrs i was able to buy shoes “off rack” without having to go to a specialty shoe store only to be told sorry maam we can’t do your shoe. American Heelers did an outstanding job on my shoe! They will continue to receive my business for the rest of my life!!!! I have remained pain free since receiving my shoe & am in the process of picking out some work boots & another pair of shoes. So i will definately be sending the shoes off soon.
    Again Thank You American Heelers. I will recommend your company to everyone i know with leg lenth issues. You are truely one of a kind and words cannot express the grattitude i have for your company. Finally someone who cares & someone who understands!!!!!

  2. I wore Z-coil shoes for about10 years and loved them. After an accident 4 1/2 years ago I ended up with 1 hand and my right leg 2″ shorter. I was told that Z-coil could not be built up so I have been using built up sneakers since. I sent a pair of Z-coils to you and you did a fine job adding the 2″. They look and feel great. I can now walk with out pain.. I noticed that you even posted a photo of my shoe on your facebook.
    Thank you

  3. I have been very pleased with the 4 shoe lifts your company did for me. I had knee replacement surgery back in June and it left me with a “leg length difference” of over 1/2″. You would think that was no big deal, but I started having back problems. The leg length difference was just enough to throw my hips out of alignment and twist my pelvis. So, not only do my shoes look great, my back feels even better!! My favorite modification was my Nike sandals that I wear around the house. Thanks American Heelers!!


  5. Am so pleased with my Clark clogs. I wore them today. They look great, and make my walking much better. Was so afraid a whole inch would make the shoe look clumsy and not be comfortable, but i think it looks great. Will definitely be sending more shoes!

  6. I was so excited to finally get a shoe lift for shoes I love. I was born with a deformed hip, and my right leg is 1″ shooter than the left. The 3/4″ lift my Orthopedic Specialist recommended was just right. I am so very satisfied with the job of modifying my first shoe that I will be getting more done soon. I highly recommend your service, and will give your card to my Orthopedic Specialist.

  7. I am a newer customer of American Heelers. I received my 4th and 5th adjusted shoe. I continue to be amazed what Ilya can do with my shoes. I wear steel-toe, slip resistant soled shoes for work which is mandatory. I don’t know what I would do if Ilya couldn’t adjust my work shoes – 3 pair so far. Most of the time I choose to wear my work shoes outside of work because they are so comfortable and it’s much easier to walk in them. I now have another sandal and steel toe boat shoe lined up to send to Ilya next.

  8. Another FABULOUS job. Sent in 2 pair of boots and they both look unbelievable. I just wish I could post the pictures because they are beautiful.

  9. Your company does a expert job in adjusting shoes for people with leg length discrepancy. For years finding someone to adjust a tennis shoe and make it look nice was a problem. I have used you all for years and expect to send many more shoes to your company. I have a right leg that is 3/4″ shorter than my left leg .

  10. Thank you for an outstanding job. All the shoes look great. My back and ankle feel so much better with the lift instead of the insert in the shoe. I will be sending many more shoe and boots to be lifted. Thanks for the great work.

  11. Thank you so much for my wonderful lifts. Its been about 20 pairs and I would not go any where else. I highly recommend this to anyone reading. I had a hip replacement and like most have one leg much longer. What a blessing to find you. My life is back to normal as it can be.

  12. THANK YOU! After wearing the repaired shoe for only a month, my 24 year old son said his pain went from a hard 10 down to a cushy 5! We’re hoping that with time, and other tricks (core strengthening exercises using a ball, swimming, massage, and even trigger point injections in his lumbar spine) … MAYBE within 90 days, with the new shoe, he will be painfree for the first time since he was 19. He was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 16, bt no one ever measured his leg. It took ol’ Mom here months of research and finally, I figured out he had one leg shorter than the other – it was the ONLY answer that “fit” what was happening. So, I sent him to a PT to have his legs measured and lo! One IS shorter, hence the excruciating lumbar pain for the last six years! He’d had every kind of MRI possible, Xrays, sonograms, the works! NOTHING helped. Then, along came the webpage of AMERICAN HEELERS, right after I discoved the link between Osgood-Schallter disorder of the knee, and LLD and functional scoliosis! Moms sometimes DO know best but to doctors and insurance companies, you have to PROVE why we know what we know. I did, and would be happy to share the info with anyone! BUT NOW … THANK YOU, AMERICAN HEELERS FOR BEING THERE FOR US! We’re lifelong customers now, and I’ve plastered the company postcards in every doc’s office on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska!

  13. I am very pleased with my shoe lifts. After fractured femur surgery, my left leg was shorter than the right leg. At first we added 1/2 inch, but then increase the lift to 3/4 inch. It has made a big difference.

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