American Heelers – Inaugural Offer on Office Relocation

The massive love and support from our customers has helped us in increasing our business to many folds. The last few months have been very productive and the business has seen unexpected gains. This has led to an increase in our scale of operations and overall growth of the business. As a result, we have undergone an office relocation.

The move was quite necessary as we needed more space. Our new building is located just a few blocks down the street from the old address. The new facility is 3x the size of our older warehouse and possesses all the basic amenities that we need in order to serve you better.

If you have received a shipment that has our former address, note that it is valid and you can also use the same in case of contacting us. With the aid of our Merchandise Return label or Business Reply label, the parcel will easily arrive at our new location.

The company has also decided to provide a small offer to its esteemed customers on account of this relocation. Customers can avail 5 shoes at the price of 4 till the end of July 2014. The product comes with free shipping and all shoes will be sent in the same package. It is also necessary that you mention “5 for 4” when you are using this offer.

Our new office-cum-warehouse address is:

American Heelers
24000 Mercantile Road Ste. 14
Beachwood, OH 44122

Go for our Orthopedic shoe lifts and other products that we supply in order to end the problems you have been undergoing. We are very much thankful to all our supporters and users who have continued dealing with us. All of it would have never been possible had it not been the diligent support of our users. We look forward to serving you even better and in a more convenient way in the future.

One thought on “American Heelers – Inaugural Offer on Office Relocation

  1. I got my modified shoe back from American Heelers 8 months ago with a 1 7/8 inch lift. I wore the shoe everyday, all day in all weather conditions. Thru snow rain, mud and slush I walked daily and the lift never broke down or detached from the shoe. Excellent craftsmanship. The shoe greatly improved my walking ability and eased my back pain from my new leg length difference. I would highly recommend American Heelers to anyone thinking of a shoe lift modification. I just put my next shoe in the mail today and when able plan on getting many more shoes modified. Thank you American Heelers.

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