Customized Orthotics or Shoe Lift Modification for Chronic Knee Pain

The majority of people will, at some point in their lives, experience knee pain or discomfort. Athletes and people who work on their feet are the ones who understand this the best. The foot mechanics or asymmetry of the gait are frequently the causes of this pain. To alleviate knee pain and other conditions affecting the lower extremities, many people use custom orthotics or, for best results, go for shoe lift modifications.

Shoe inserts can reduce stress and strain on the foot if they are suitable for you and created to meet the specific needs of your feet. Unfortunately, improperly fitted orthotics can actually increase pain rather than reduce it.

The Benefits of Orthotics for Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can benefit from orthotics when they are a good fit for you. They’ll support and cushion your feet, which will make it simpler to keep a straight posture. Customization is essential to getting the best results from your orthotics because no two people have the same musculoskeletal system.

Regular use of your orthotics will make you feel at ease with them. Wearing your custom orthotics may be necessary in order to detect minor issues and gradually have them reshaped or adjusted. In the end, you should be able to get orthotics that are ideal for your body and lifestyle, which relieve knee pain and aid in injury prevention. If nothing works, you can take the assistance of an orthopedic shoe repair specialist who can get you the customized orthotics specifically created for you.

Orthotics: Can they harm your knees?

If your orthotics are right for you and made to meet the unique structural requirements of your feet, these shoe inserts can reduce stress and strain on the foot. Unfortunately, if your orthotics are not fitted properly, they may actually make your knee pain worse rather than better.

By altering weight distribution and foot mechanics, orthotics can frequently change how the user holds and moves their body while walking or standing. The wearing of high-heeled shoes is an extreme example. Similarly, placing an orthotic insert in the shoe will raise a portion of the foot, altering the wearer’s posture overall. Even if the posture change is slight, if done incorrectly, it can, over time, lead to stress and strain beyond the initial condition.

Can Orthotics Make Your Knees Hurt?

A patient’s foot health can benefit greatly from custom orthotics. However, if knee pain develops while wearing an orthotic, it’s crucial to identify the source of the problem. A pedorthist can decide whether the insoles need to be adjusted or whether there are any underlying health issues that need to be investigated. When you first put on your orthotics, they may feel strange and unfamiliar, but they shouldn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. If you are experiencing pain, consult your podiatrist. He can ascertain the problem and might recommend you get a custom shoe lift instead of readily available orthotics. 

Why Your Orthotics May Be the Cause of Knee Pain?

Orthotics may be the source of a patient’s knee pain for a number of reasons, including the following:

1. Ignoring the importance of gradually wearing insoles

Some patients may find it strange to wear orthotics, but it’s crucial to ease into this change. Long-term support of a slightly different posture can strain the knee’s tendons and muscles, especially if the wearer is not used to doing so. In order to wear your orthotics continuously without experiencing any discomfort, think about starting out by wearing them for shorter periods of time.

2. Skeletal problems are aggravated by the orthotics

Another possibility for how your orthotics might be causing your knee pain is that the change in posture is aggravating an already present skeletal problem. Consult a skilled podiatrist to evaluate your custom orthotics and make any necessary adjustments if your orthotics are aggravating a pre-existing skeletal problem.

3. Your orthotics may not be appropriate for you

Every foot is unique and might need special care and attention. It’s possible that you don’t need your current orthotics if they are seriously causing knee pain. The needs of the user are not taken into account when manufacturing off-the-shelf orthotics, and if they are not fitted properly, they may occasionally do more harm than good. By getting a custom orthotic from a qualified orthopedic shoe specialist, you can make sure that you are improving the health of your feet without aggravating your knee pain.

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