Honeycombing Shoe Lifts

A method of shoe lift modification is called honeycombing.  This is a technique pioneered by American Heelers Orthopedics (www.orthopedicshoelift.com), which ensures the added lift is up to 50% lighter and more flexible then a basic shoe lift.  The way that this works is hollowing out the shoe lift in layers before it goes into the shoe.  While keeping its stability and durability the reduced mass results in a shoe lift that is much lighter and more flexible than its compatriots.  Most of our customers who have tried this lift technique for only an additional charge of $19.99 love it and prefer this method of shoe lift modification.  The honeycombing technique can be applied to a shoe lift in any shoe style or brand.

A hollowed out shoe lift ensures the shoe lift is lighter and more flexible
A hollowed out shoe lift ensures the shoe lift is lighter and more flexible

3 thoughts on “Honeycombing Shoe Lifts

  1. I am a satisfied customer that has been very pleased with the lightweight flexibility of the lifts on my shoes. I have had every style and type of shoe and boot imaginable modified and they look and work great and the quality lasts a long long time. I am a loyal, return customer.

  2. Good evening 🙂
    Just wanted to say that i am so glad to have found your site. I always had these orthopedic shoes that were so heavy with my leg brace. When i wore your ‘honeycombing shoe lift’ it felt so light and comfortable!!! I am so very glad!!!!! 🙂 Thank you so very much.

    1. Worth every penny and then some. I’m so pleased with how much lighter my work boot with 3/4″ lift is compared to the same style boot (from a different pair) with same lift done by a different (and also otherwise excellent) shoe modification company that I will be sending you that boot as well for the honeycombing mod. Needing the lift and lateral wedge (opposite boot from the lift) is a drag but having craftsmen like you who do such expert work makes it much less annoying. Thanks!

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