How to Increase Your Height Using Shoe Lifts

what exactly shoe lift isFinding the right shoe is a big headache and it is more accurate in case of leg length discrepancy. If you want to avoid the possible injuries and foot deformities, you need to find an orthopedic shoe. It relieves pain in feet and gives a perfect look to the legs. If you want to modify your shoes or just want to increase the height, shoe lifts can be much more beneficial. When your shoe gets modified you will feel confident as there is no discrepancy between your legs.

what exactly shoe lift is

Let’s have a look at what exactly shoe lift is. It is expressed as insoles fit inside the shoe to raise the height of the sole and make the shoe taller. It maintains a balance between the legs. Different materials are used in the manufacturing process like rubber. The primary goal is to make the shoe comfortable without any harm to the feet. Simultaneously, height of the shoe is enhanced during this process.


  • No need to buy separate shoes as your existing pair can be modified
  • A better option to manage height without any surgery
  • Gives aesthetic look and relief from pain
  • Assists in balancing the body
  • Reduces pain and pressure due to perfect alignment between the legs
  • Cost effective
  • Stylish height insoles

Besides, the shoes are easy to use and improves the confidence level. Whatever may be your shoe type, be it is athletic shoe, boot, high heel of ladies, sandals, golf shoe, slippers and more you can get it done easily through the heeler technicians. Additionally, you can customize your existing shoe according to your needs. A well designed lift performs multiple functions and provides elevation for leg length discrepancy. The complete making process is also easy. Just place your order and everything will be easier for you. From delivery to payment everything is done online. Visit if you want to know more.

One thought on “How to Increase Your Height Using Shoe Lifts

  1. I can’t believe how much better I walk with the shoe lift as compared to my shoe insert.
    I will never go back to inserts again.
    You did two shoes for me and they are both great. I am going to send another shoe or shoes to be done.
    Very reasonably priced.
    Thank you

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