Orthopedic Shoe Inserts: Get Relief from Leg Length Discrepancies

Foot and heel pain is a common problem for everyone. It has been hard determining exactly how many people today are suffering from such leg length discrepancies. A study conducted, showed more than 70% of adults go through the torments of this foot and heel pain that stops a person from exercising, hurting them to the extent of inflicting pain and discomfort while walking or standing. For such people, use of heel lifts/heel inserts for shoes has proven very much beneficial.

Leg Length Discrepancies

What are shoe inserts?

Made from a wide range of materials like flexible plastic, hard foam or a combination of both the materials, they are one of the most used accessories that help people appearing taller by instantly boosting their height. Such inserts are attached to the outer soles of your shoes with the aim of balancing your weight and giving an easy foot functionality. They distribute your weight across the foot equally and then deliberately take the pain out of your daily life, making you walk and stand comfortably. These heel lifts by elevating your heel up to an angle, take the pressure off of your shoulder, neck, hip, lower back, ankles, knees and also provide you relief from different types of foot pain.

Some of the types of shoe lifts that people usually are suggested for:

  • Gel Heel Cups: These gel heel cups offer padding on the area of your foot where the pain occurs. They help compressing the symptoms of heel pain and can be worn in all the shoes throughout the day wherever you may go.

  • Arch Supports: It help treating a number of foot problems such as heel pain, over pronation and flat foot. Available in reasonable prices, they help elevating the symptoms without changing the foot mechanism.

  • Heel Wedges: These heel wedges are inserted in the backside of the shoes. It reduces the pressure exerted on hind foot by increasing your heel slightly. They effectively treat Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar fasciitis.

  • Metatarsal pads: Usage of these metatarsal pads provides comfort to the people suffering from immense foot pain under the foot ball. They help relieving the symptoms by reducing the pressure under the foot ball.

Being very inexpensive, orthopedic shoe or heel lifts help better foot functioning by preventing further foot injuries. So, going for those can be a worthwhile investment, as they help aligning your body in a proper balance. By alleviating and fixing leg pain and foot pain, they enable you in leading a pain-free life by making you feel better.

2 thoughts on “Orthopedic Shoe Inserts: Get Relief from Leg Length Discrepancies

  1. I have previously sent 4 shoes in for 1/2″ to be added. The results have been so much better than the orthotics that were prescribed for me. Previously I have to tape my foot as it received downward pressure due to the heel only being raised. Since I received the shoes back, I have not had to wrap the foot in over 5 weeks and my knee and hip are both feeling so much better. I just wish I had found American Heelers long ago. The turn around time is so unusual, I have a friend with the shorter leg issue and she has the shoes modified locally, 6 to 8 weeks and over double the price. Have now passed along your card to her. So very happy for the results. Thank you.

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