Orthopedic Shoe Lifts: A Non-Surgical Way of Treating Leg Length Discrepancy

The advancement in the health industry is touching new heights every day and empowers surgeons with new tools and technologies to execute complex surgical processes quickly and easily. Leg length discrepancy (LLD) is not an exclusion either. But before submitting someone to the operation table, there is a non-invasive solution called shoe lifts that can be beneficial to address the condition. Conservative use of footwear before looking for surgical intervention is fairly subjective and a viable option to try. However, there are many factors to consider, including the activity level, body type, and the process to correctly assess the amount of difference present for a better outcome.

LLDs may be functional and structural but, the simple fact remains constant that the person with LLD functions every day and every step with a lot of difficulties and regardless of the cause, treatment should start conservatively. If one is planning to have orthopedic shoe lifts, measuring the exact difference before placing the order becomes especially important in ensuring a satisfactory outcome. A wrong assessment of the differences can’t address the LLD sufficiently, it is quite possible to end up with an undesired result. 

Leg length discrepancy could be from birth or maybe because of accidents or surgeries but the problems are common to the general population. They don’t find it comfortable to walk and perform their regular activities. But We at American Heelers, help people with LLD walk, run and play comfortably without going through any painful procedures.

How To Correctly Measure Leg Length Discrepancy?

Probably the most effective way to assess the leg length difference correctly is to observe the standing posture of the patient and rely on his feedback. But sometimes people think they have a difference of 1/8-inch but it may be 1/8 inch, ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, and so on. So make sure you have materials of different thicknesses with you while measuring the difference. Typically, you should start with a material that is at least ¼ inch and continue increasing the height until the correct balance is achieved.

This is a truly amazing way to help people gain balance quickly, although they have been functioning in an uneven manner for a long time. Within just a couple of minutes, in most cases, the difference can be easily measured. How your orthopedic shoe specialist interprets and uses this information will directly impact your outcomes. When the difference is very very small, a simple shoe insert does the trick and the person can walk comfortably. If the difference is greater than 1/8 inch, the lift needs to go on the shoe. Fortunately, American Heelers, the orthopedic shoe repair specialist in Cleveland, OH is doing the job with the best precisions.

How do American Heelers work?

It is quite a simple process. Once you correctly measure the difference, you need to do the following:

  1. Place the order
  2. You will receive a shipping kit with the business reply label attached
  3. Place your shoes in the bag and leave the item with your outgoing mail
  4. American Heelers receives the package and does the repair
  5. Pay the bill through an electronic check or by any credit card
  6. Receive your shoes  in no time

With this super simple method you can engage the best orthopedic shoe repair specialist to work for you and without going through any complex surgical process, you can walk and play as normally as possible.

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