Orthopedic Shoe Lifts: An Asset to Cater Your Leg Problems

Sometime we do not give any attention towards our foot. We feel that it is just useless and won’t affect us. But whenever we face any kind of pain or discomfort in our foot we feel that it is very much important. After all we understand that foot-care is a different aspect that needs consistent caring and better comfort. And, as a solution for this, the orthopedic boots and shoes available in the market for correcting a variety of bone-related problems.

What are Orthopedic Shoe lifts?

These are the types of shoe lifts that are inserted in the sole to elevate it from the base. They make your left leg equivalent to the right one or vice versa, so that you can walk easily. Orthopedic shoes are quite different from the normal shoes. They cover the entire feet or ankle in order to provide you a peak of comfort, supporting your whole leg. These are designed to cater your leg length discrepancy issues in a simple way. There are several advantages of using these foot-wears, but the sole purpose is to relieve pain and suffering. These can be used by the people who have weak or fragile feet, as it gives less pressure on your spinal cord.

There are several people who are facing several issues like bending, kneeling, standing problems or other foot injuries. So, it is suggested that if any one suffering with these kind of ailments should try these orthopedic foot-wears. It not only helps to heel the pain but also helps improve the body alignment by increasing one’s center of gravity. They are also durable and can be used for a longer period of time. There are three different characteristics of an orthopedic shoe that can help you judge which one is beneficial for you. They are – out-sole, insole and upper.

The out-sole heel has low heel to elevate your foot slightly, maintaining the natural balance at the foot. Insoles are the removable type of soles whose sizes are adjustable according to your requirement. Last, but not the least, it is the upper part that provides higher level of comfort while you are walking. These shoes are made from breathable material to have more air circulation in your feet.

Moreover, it is imperative to choose the best Orthopedic Shoe lifts for your injured heels. Once you will find the suitable shoes, you will feel great because they are not only comfortable, but also fashionable. You can also wear these types of shoes without having any physical disability. So, its high time to change your shoes that fits you appropriately.

2 thoughts on “Orthopedic Shoe Lifts: An Asset to Cater Your Leg Problems

  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been dealing with a leg length discrepancy of 5/8th of an inch since being diagnosed 20 plus years ago at age 36. At first, and for several years, I tried to use inserts placed into my left shoe. As my lower back problems continued to be an issue my doctor advised me that I needed to get serious about having a lift put onto my shoe. I could only buy certain shoes that had to have natural rubber in the soles, or “the glue would’nt stick” as I was told by several shoe repair professionals. I went through so many shoe repair shops and spent so much money in my search to find a good shoe repair that was also able to apply the lift that I needed. I recently moved from Florida where I had a shoe repair shop that did my work. Although he did good work he was never able to use the original sole of the shoe and a generic sole was used in its place. Also, I had very limited options as to which shoes would work. I hated when I needed to go out and shop for new shoes or work-boots! I now live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I discovered that there is not ANYWHERE near here that I was able to find, that could do the work that I needed done! I was totally bummed and wondered what I was going to do now for all my shoe lift needs. Then I came across American Heelers!!! From the very first conversation with Ilya who walked me through the ordering process and answered any and all of my questions with professional courtesy and respect! I mailed off two shoes that needed lifts applied. With-in two days, I received a confirmation E-mail that the shoes had been received by American Heelers and I made an easy payment to them online. As promise, I received the shoes back one day less than a week! The craftsmanship and quality of your work is beyond anything that I have ever had done on my shoes! The fact that I can have virtually any shoe or boot done and the fact that the quality of work is outstanding and have a turn around of time of one week has given me such peace of mind, which is priceless, and a new excitement for buying shoes! I cant wait to send you my next order! As I said, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and the follow up call and conversation that I had with John to make sure that I was satisfied and happy with their work only goes to prove that a genuine American company that stands behind their work will thrive and be successful! Great job guys! Very sincerely, Mark Wood.

  2. I just received my shoes from American Heelers and they look and feel wonderful. This was my second and third pair that they have done for me, and, just as with the first pair, the modifications to the shoe are precise, blend seamlessly, and from the time I dropped them off at the post office until I received them in the mail was only two weeks. Before using American Heelers I used a local orthotics business, and, even though they did a great job, the sole and the lift separated in a few weeks and needed a quick repair. This is not the case with American Heelers work. I have been wearing my first pair of shoes that they did for over a year now without any problems and they still look and wear great. And American Heelers are literally half the price of the local business. I am so happy with the work done by American Heelers! And I will be sending them two more pairs next week. Thank You, American Heelers!

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