How Orthopedic Shoe Lifts Can Help Athletes with Pain?

It Athletesis a well known fact that athletes put more stress on their feet, knees and back than non-athletes.  And as a result the added strain on foot muscles, bones or tendons from sports can cause soreness, chronic pain and even injury. So, in order to protect oneself from all types of injuries.  Many athletes that are suffering from a leg length discrepancy will order custom external orthopedic shoe lifts in their footwear to produce top athletic performance.

With the added foot support from orthopedic shoe lifts, athletes reduce their chance of serious injury.  Having a custom shoe lift modification allows your body weight to disperse evenly to avoid stress on injury prone feet, knees and back.  The shoe lift will keep your foot in its proper position by supporting your natural gait that may otherwise cause fracture or strain in your foot. It guides your feet so that joints, muscles and tendons are kept aligned and allow you to make proper foot movements while exercising.

As like different sports result in different injuries, different sports require different shoe lifts. Some puts more stress on your feet while some on knees. So, it’s important to choose a shoe lift that provides the support required to balance the ways your body moves during athletic activities.

Shoe Lifts Can Help Athletes

  • Orthopedics for runners: Foot and leg injuries are extremely common in runners. Especially runners that suffer from having a leg length discrepancy.  Runners that suffer from a leg length discrepancy are susceptible to many more injuries than someone without.  American Heelers has experience modifying any style running shoe on the market.  Whether you are a trail runner, ultra marathoner or weekend warrior.  We can accommodate your specific requirements for injury free running.

  • Orthopedics for skiers and snowboarders: Skiers tend to undergo different types of foot injuries than runners. They control their ride by putting the weight on the outer edge of their feet. This not only causes foot injuries but also sometimes results in knee injuries. Snowboarders shift the weight from their heels to their toes. So, in order to provide the skiers and snowboarders with the best possible support, orthopedic shoe lifts with a deep heel cup and arch support should be worn that distribute the weight across the bottom of the foot.

  • Orthopedics for football and rugby: As like a runner, the football and rugby players do a great deal of running and get injuries caused by quick manoeuvring on the field. Injuries such as Achilles tendon strains and sprained ankles are the most common among those players. So, they must need to wear orthopedic shoe lifts with a heel cup and arch support to decrease the strain on muscles and avoid injury.

  • Orthopedics for cyclists: Many cyclists tend to have different types of injuries. They suffer from various types of knee and back pain, leg length discrepancy and pronated foot, brought on by improper biomechanics. So, using of an orthopedic shoe lift keep aching legs and many painful foot problems stay at bay and allows you keep cycling safely.

Orthopedic shoe lifts are the best option to deal with all types of foot ailments. This not only help athletes but also other common person who is facing or dealing with leg length discrepancy, pronated foot or other injuries.

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