Orthopedic Shoe Lifts – How is the Pricing Determined?

Designed to take care of your leg length discrepancies, orthopedic shoe lifts works like a miracle. One extra sole addition and all your small leg issues get solved to an extent without any complication or extra expense. However, the development of these shoes is quite tricky and require extremely professional hands. This is one of the prime factors that decide the pricing of these leg discrepancy shoe lifts. Pricing of shoes lifts basically depends on three aspects:

Quality of the shoe – The shoe’s quality is one of the major determinants. The type, quality, and purity of the material are some of the factors that will decide their pricing. For instance, leather will cost more than rubber. The better the brand or the quality of shoe ordered, the higher will be its price.

Difficulty of its design – As discussed in the introduction, those shoes with a more complex design require a higher precision and accuracy for their creation. As a result, they take more time to develop these. Shoes with difficult designs will be pricier than those with simple designs.

Number of pairs purchased – You can have greater number of pairs made that you can use a different one with your every other outfit. Orthopedic shoe lifts provide a discount if you order more number of pairs.

If you want one of your self-purchased shoes to undergo the sole addition process, you can avail that facility too. Orthopedic shoe lift providers can easily give any of your regular shoes the necessary sole addition that will help in correcting your LLD (Leg Length Discrepancy). This way, it becomes much cheaper for you as well since you will only be paying the cost of the extra sole addition. Leg discrepancy shoe lifts works in a great way and you can easily find a reliable provider who can make any of your shoes usable in terms of LLD. 

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