Orthopedic Shoe Lifts: Promoting Good Health and Well-Being For People With Leg Length Discrepancies

There are over 50% of people in the world born with some degree of Leg Length Discrepancies(LLD) but the small differences don’t cause any problem. A smaller cohort of them are having differences above 2cm or ⅝” which greatly affects their well-being and quality of life. LLD is not always from birth or congenital, there are diseases and injuries responsible for bringing such deformities to the lives of people. Enough has been spoken about the types, causes, and symptoms of LLD but in this post, our focus is to provide quality information about the low cost yet effective solutions for people to mitigate the challenges of LLD.

Well-defined medical procedures and surgeries are of course supporting people in a great way but they are prohibitively expensive, and highly complex solutions with excessive risks. How good it is to provide a non-invasive, low-cost, and pain-free solution to improve the quality of life, and bring them back to active lives. Shoe lifts have made it possible to bring relief to the millions of people suffering from Leg Length Discrepancies. With the advancement of technology in the shoe industry, the dynamics of orthopedic shoe repair have also been improved. Be it a matter of safety, comfort, or fashion shoes have got no alternatives. It greatly contributes to smoothly performing all forms of day-to-day work, active, and performance sports. People with all age groups need to have this minimum comfort while walking, running, or playing. 

As such there are many such vendors who can do this job. In fact, people even use shoe inserts but for leg length discrepancy of ¼” or more, it doesn’t work well. The more leg length difference the bigger shoe insert is needed making your walk inefficient and bothersome, and its prolonged use harms the spine and back and eventually causes pain. So the best-recommended solution is to use a shoe lift which is inserted into the outer sole of the shoe. A precise cut is made thru the sole, the precise lift is added custom to the shoe and then the sole is put back on the bottom, so the shoe keeps its original sole. A perfectly modified shoe leaves little room to get noticed, and maintains the aesthetic design of your favorite pair of shoes.

Today’s shoe modification application is not limited to walking shoes or sandals only. It can be implied to all kinds of shoes like boat shoes, golf shoes, boots, or tennis shoes, children’s shoes, etc. To take care of your comfort level different techniques and lightweight materials are used. Honeycombing(method of shoe lift elevation involves partially hollowing) is one of the unique techniques that American Heelers follow to make lightweight, flexible, and durable shoes.

American Heelers have modified tens of thousands of shoes so far and served customers globally. The roots of this Cleveland, OH based company go back 60 years. The state-of-the-art shoe lab combined with years of experience delivers exceptional outcomes with each shoe they modify. Print the Order Form now to send shoes today! To know more about their service you can contact American Heelers Inc., The heeler of broken soles at 216-378-2686, or email at info@americanheeler.com.

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