How to Increase Your Height Using Shoe Lifts

what exactly shoe lift isFinding the right shoe is a big headache and it is more accurate in case of leg length discrepancy. If you want to avoid the possible injuries and foot deformities, you need to find an orthopedic shoe. It relieves pain in feet and gives a perfect look to the legs. If you want to modify your shoes or just want to increase the height, shoe lifts can be much more beneficial. When your shoe gets modified you will feel confident as there is no discrepancy between your legs. Read More “How to Increase Your Height Using Shoe Lifts”

Adjusting for only part of leg length difference with shoe lifts

Compensation for Leg Length Difference needs to be gradually increased over time

The common school of thought amongst physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons when it comes to how much of a leg length difference to compensate for is very consistent.  Most of these medical professionals will tell their patients when giving them a measurement of leg lengths to start with a shoe lift modifications of about 50% of the total leg length inequality.  Then over time to gradually work to full compensation. Read More “Adjusting for only part of leg length difference with shoe lifts”

Shoe Lifts for all brands and styles

American Heelers Orthopedics, 888-443-3537 can do shoe lift modifications on all brands and styles of shoes.  There are no exceptions.  We even specialize in golf shoes, cycling cleats, and soccer and football cleats for kids.  Even though infant shoes are very small and delicate, American Heelers has been able to modify the shoes with ease and great success.  Our customers know that they can shop for shoes they like and are comfortable to them and not have to buy ugly and expensive orthopedic brand shoes.  Over the years we have accumulated a great deal of experience and are happy to report we have worked on every shoe brand and style.

shoe lift for leg length difference
shoe lift for leg length difference

Honeycombing Shoe Lifts

A method of shoe lift modification is called honeycombing.  This is a technique pioneered by American Heelers Orthopedics (, which ensures the added lift is up to 50% lighter and more flexible then a basic shoe lift.  The way that this works is hollowing out the shoe lift in layers before it goes into the shoe.  While keeping its stability and durability the reduced mass results in a shoe lift that is much lighter and more flexible than its compatriots.  Most of our customers who have tried this lift technique for only an additional charge of $19.99 love it and prefer this method of shoe lift modification.  The honeycombing technique can be applied to a shoe lift in any shoe style or brand.

A hollowed out shoe lift ensures the shoe lift is lighter and more flexible
A hollowed out shoe lift ensures the shoe lift is lighter and more flexible

Shoe Lift Modifications Alleviate Back Pain

American Heelers Orthopedics ( shoe lift service has modified and lifted tens of thousands of shoes over the years.  The fact of the matter is that an unchecked leg length difference or inequality will lead to back and leg pain.  Once the leg length difference is corrected with a shoe lift most people say that their back pain is heavily subdued and it is easier to walk again.  Because the architecture of most shoes by design is to fit the foot inside like a glove for comfortable walking, there is no room inside the shoe for an insert.  This is why the preferred method of shoe lift modification is to split the sole of the shoe and add the lift externally before reapplying the original sole to the bottom.  This looks and feels good.

shoe lift modification
shoe lift modification externally built in with color match