Shoe Lift Modifications Alleviate Back Pain

American Heelers Orthopedics ( shoe lift service has modified and lifted tens of thousands of shoes over the years.  The fact of the matter is that an unchecked leg length difference or inequality will lead to back and leg pain.  Once the leg length difference is corrected with a shoe lift most people say that their back pain is heavily subdued and it is easier to walk again.  Because the architecture of most shoes by design is to fit the foot inside like a glove for comfortable walking, there is no room inside the shoe for an insert.  This is why the preferred method of shoe lift modification is to split the sole of the shoe and add the lift externally before reapplying the original sole to the bottom.  This looks and feels good.

shoe lift modification
shoe lift modification externally built in with color match

10 thoughts on “Shoe Lift Modifications Alleviate Back Pain

  1. I really appreciate the quickness and the quality of the work on the shoe lift. The last lift was done
    with the honeycomb procedure and the the difference in the weight makes a big difference. I really
    like the fact that you put the original sole back on the lift. The free mailing bags is a big help in getting
    the shoe to you. Thanks you much. I wish I had found your company sooner. I will refer your company
    to anyone I come in contact with. Thanks again, Wayne in Florida

  2. We have now had 7 or 8 shoes with lifts added. Locally we were very limited as to the sole that could be modified, I would have to wait 4-6 weeks for completion and the shoe looked very “orthopedic”. Our daughter is now able to wear shoes that look like everyone else and her lift is hardly noticeable. I have shared this companies info with our Orthopedic Surgeons because we are so pleased.

  3. I am Nurse Practitioner and have had a leg that is 1″ short from a skiing accident in 1973. The work at American Heelers is the highest quality and a great value. Keeping your gait symetrical is key in the prevention of low back pain. The lack of equal weight distribution between your legs creates unequal muscle use in our lower backs and the result is instability in the spine and pain. Beiing an older athlete and having shoes modified to maintain low back stability is a gift.

  4. THANK YOU, AMERICAN HEALERS! It has been so long since I’ve had my right shoe adjusted to allow me to enjoy long walks. In fact years ago, I was unable to find ANYONE that would add lifts to Sperry’s, Dockers and even tennis shoes! My wife and I love to walk when we can, but I couldn’t without enduring resulting sever back pain due to an accident over 40 years ago that ended up with my right leg 3/4″ of an inch shorter. From now on I will send ALL my right shoes to you! Gas savings alone makes your prices the lowest. Thanks again for your awesome quality work and professionalism.


  5. I suffered with hip pain and lower back pain for some 40 years. Used American Heelers and was pleasantly surprised. The turn around time was about a week and you cannot tell the shoe had a 1/2 inch lift. Very professional.

    The hip pain is gone and the back pain is diminished by 75%. I would endorse them in a heartbeat.

    Larry P.

  6. I suffered from low back pain for years until it was determined that I had a leg length discrepancy of ¾”. I’ve been using American Heelers for several years now and I’m very happy with their work. They are quick, dependable and do a good, clean job–from athletic shoes to delicate sandals. I would highly recommend them.

  7. I have had 13 shoes lifted 3/8″ by American Heelers, including sandals, shoes, and boots. I am very satisfied with the results of the lifts. They are barely visible and it has helped my back and hip pain tremendously. I plan to continue to send shoes in as my budget allows. Thank you American Heelers and a special thanks to Ilya who was very courteous and helpful to me when I called with a concern about my order.

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