Shoe Lifts for all brands and styles

American Heelers Orthopedics, 888-443-3537 can do shoe lift modifications on all brands and styles of shoes.  There are no exceptions.  We even specialize in golf shoes, cycling cleats, and soccer and football cleats for kids.  Even though infant shoes are very small and delicate, American Heelers has been able to modify the shoes with ease and great success.  Our customers know that they can shop for shoes they like and are comfortable to them and not have to buy ugly and expensive orthopedic brand shoes.  Over the years we have accumulated a great deal of experience and are happy to report we have worked on every shoe brand and style.

shoe lift for leg length difference
shoe lift for leg length difference

26 thoughts on “Shoe Lifts for all brands and styles

  1. First of all, this appears to be a blog that will seldom be used but what the heck, lets say something.
    I have had a couple of shoes built up over the years and without a doubt American Heelers has done a great job. The work is excellent and holds up well. My lift is 2.25 or 2.50 inch depending on when it was done. The change was due to a new measurement.
    This size lift for sure helps me walk and without a noticeable limp and I never get back pain from it. I don’t know if honeycombing was used but I really like the idea.

  2. Osteo arthritis of the hip is more prevalent these days, simply because we live longer. The pain that comes with the loss of joint cartilege makes it difficult to walk, even moderate distances. and then with an obvious limp. Total hip replacement can be a painful experience itself, and often an expensive undertaking. Mobility is improved and the pain is less but surgical complications are not infrequent and there always remains the risk of dislocation, a disaster that results from surgical weakening of the hip joint capsule.
    For those who decide to struggle on without surgery American Heelers offer a service that can make their lives considerably more comfortable. Because osteo arthritis involves the loss of articular cartilege the space between the hip and thigh bone is shortened by a half inch or more. The limp that results makes walking difficult and may eventually cause knee and back problems . Shoe inserts do not work because they resize the shoe. American Heelers slice through the existing sole and insert an layer that raises the foot of the ground by a measured amount. The resulting shoe cosmetics are suprisingly good. The raised leg results in much improved comfort , with reduced stiffness and less pain while walking.

  3. I have been using American Heelers for many years do to a 3/4 inch leg length difference. They have done a beautiful job on every kind of shoe, from running shoes, to Danskos and Birkenstocks, to dress shoes. The match is always perfect and inconspicuous. Also, the people at American Heelers are a pleasure to do business with and are always very accommodating.

    1. I just received my first shoe modification (1/2 inch) on an orthaheel sandal and it looks great. My local shoe guy who does them said he couldn’t do it as the sole was too thin-but it looks and feels great. Fast service, the color of the modification is the same brown as the sandal. I am very please with it. So glad!

  4. I have used American Heelers several times because they do it right. In the past I used a different group to add to my sole until I tried American Heelers. Their work is better and they are much more convenient. They are also fast at what they do.
    Terry Flick

  5. I love that American Heelers is able to put a lift on any shoe. I have had a leg discrepancy issue since I was 11 years old and until recently I was stuck with one shoe option: white plain athletic shoes. I have enjoyed getting to purchase a wide array of shoes since encountering American Heelers. The results of my shoe motifcations have been superb and I am eagerly awaiting the next pair of shoes that I purchase. For the first time in my life I have options and until now I never knew that that mattered to me.

  6. I have personally been using American Heelers for several years for a variety of shoes and have been extremely happy with the quality of work that has been done. I have also recommended their service to patients and will continue to do so.

  7. I have had four different shoes lifted (non-slip work shoe, running shoe, dress shoe, and casual shoe) and I couldn’t be happier! The work and the customer service are top notch, and they give you a break on shipping if you send in two or more at a time. I would easily recommend Orthopedic Shoe Lifts to anyone!

    So if you’re having unexplained lower back pain or discomfort, have your leg length examined. If you have a discrepancy, figure out how much and send your shoes to OSL pronto!


  9. American Healers did a shoe lift on a pair of name brand boots for my 13 yr old grandson. He had scoliosis and he had been walking with the appearance of uneven leg. This had led to back ache. It also did not help socially while he was in school. American Healers did a wonderful job! You did not notice that anything was done to the shoe unless you were really looking and knew it was done. It was done professionally and timely. The cost was fair and well worth it!
    My grandson has since had the surgery to correct his scoliosis with pins and rods up and down his spine. It has been almost 7 months and all has been well. We have not needed the services of American Healers since. But I cannot express enough what a wonderful service this is and the professional job they perform. I would highly recommend them.

  10. I have had several pairs of shoes lifted by AH and a m satisfied with the results. I only have one comment and that is the altered shoe seems to fit a little bit bigger after the procedure. It’s necessary to put heel pads and cushions in that shoe to accomodate for the size difference.

  11. Have had three shoes done and one on the way. Excellent quality of work, much better that two local shoemakers at close to the same price. Won’t go anywhere else from now on.

  12. Love my naturalizer sandals. Had other services on sandals and they looked orhtopedic…YUCK! With American Heelers no one can tell that any work has been done. I will definitely stick with AH and refer them to others. Spasiba!

  13. After a recent hip operation, I found one leg 1/2″ shorter than the other. I had two pair of shoes modified and no one notices the change until I tell them. I was so pleased with the work, that I immediately sent in two more pair. They are all styles of shoes for all occasions and all look great. Thanks American Heelers.

  14. First time as a customer, I sent in one slipper and one sandal, the job was done was quickly and done very well. Thank you!!!!!
    I will be sending in more. Back ache gone…..

  15. Having my 3cm lift honeycombed was the best thing that’s happened… It really reduced the weight. I’ve had my other 2 pairs also honeycombed… Now my left foot feels alsoms as light as my right foot when walking.

  16. The craftsmanship is excellent, the product has tripled the life of my shoes which has saved us a lot of money. Chris

  17. American Heeler’s workmanship and customer services is absolute top notch! I have sent several shoes to have lifted and am 100% pleased with all. In fact, I have even forgot to include the write-up and they knew exactly what I needed to have done. Would 100% recommend to anyone who needs lift to fix LLD or for that mater anyone who needs an excellent shoe cobler!

  18. I was scheduled for hip replacement when they measured my legs and found one was 5/8 shorter than the other and was told that this had probably caused me a lot of back and leg pain. The surgeon advised me that this was bad because the longer leg was is going to be 5/8 longer after the procedure making the difference a total of 1 1/4. Per the doctors instructions I had American heelers add 3/4 to my shoe he not wanting me to go more at this time as I halve walked with a 5/8 difference for over 60 years. America Heelers got my shoe done very quickly and the workmanship is great. This has made a huge difference in the way I walk and the amount of pain I have.

  19. American Heelers does a fabulous job with the shoe lift which is even inconspicuous! Your service is outstanding and the product is excellent. I wish we had known about you years ago to put a lift on running cleats which I thought was impossible until I heard about you. Thank you!!

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