Shoe Lifts or Leg Lengthening Surgery? What is Better?

Leg Length Discrepancy(LLD) is a situation where the length of one leg is slightly different from the other leg. This could be a birth defect or it could happen because of any bone-related disease or injury. To well address this challenge, most orthopedic doctors prefer shoe inserts to surgery. The patient is recommended heel inserts as a quick, painless, and low-cost treatment method. Shoe inserts often are not a permanent remedy for some diseases but certainly, they will improve the movement of the patient and in some cases will also help to decrease limping. Sometimes people wear insoles to increase their height but it can also be used to ease the pain and suffering of individuals with leg length asymmetry.

Some individuals prefer shoe lifts overshoe inserts. She lifts or heel lifts are placed in the shoe sole to build up the required height with precision. A heel lift does the same function as shoe inserts but the difference is a shoe insert is put inside the shoe whereas a shoe lift or heel lift is put into the shoe or boot. They both increase the height or balance the differences between the legs. However, where the difference is more, it is recommended to go for a shoe lift rather than an insert as they are not comfortable for long use.

Some people want to increase their height to build confidence and follow many medications and height improvement therapies but the result of those approaches is yet to be verified. But shoe inserts elevate height, it’s a verified truth and not at all disputable. There is a new concept evolving and that is leg-extending surgeries. Leg stretching surgery is painful, time-consuming, uncomfortable, and very very costly. It’s my sincere opinion that if someone is seeking to improve height then shoe or heel lifts undoubtedly are a quicker, more cost-effective, and a lot less painful method. When you allow the orthopedic shoe lift specialists to add height to your shoes, they do it with full precision and you will really find your requirement addressed in a much better way.

You can purchase shoe lifts for men, women, and kids online but it has a recommended limit. Shoe height inserts should give a maximum of 5 cm height build-up and orthopedic specialists agree with the fact that anything above 5 cm could be hazardous and long-term use could trouble both the upper and lower back.  Height insoles that are more than 5 cm in height should be avoided. In such a situation, a shoe lift is the better solution if you wish to increase your height or address your leg length discrepancy problem with ease and comfort.

Now I hope you understand what we are pointing to. If you are looking for a non-invasive solution then going for a shoe lift or shoe insert depending on your requirement is recommended. To have maximum comfort getting your shoe lift job done by a specialist is important. American Heelers is one of the leading orthopedic shoe repair specialist centers in Cleveland, OH. The state-of-the-art shoe helps to add recommended heights to your shoe with minimum increment to the weight that is hardly noticeable. You can use our service from anywhere in the world as American Heelers is an internationally recognized provider of shoe lift modification and elevation.

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