The Advantages of Using Custom Orthotics– It’s Not Just About Foot Pain

Some people are born with perfect feet, while others are not. Even if you are born with healthy feet, you never know when life will take a turn for the worse and you will injure your feet. Certain shoe styles, medical conditions like diabetes, and even healthy-for-you sports can cause foot imperfections that cause pain and slow your stride.

Custom orthotics can help you get back on your feet without pain. The best-known orthopedic shoe repair specialist, American Heelers, has been assisting people with leg length discrepancies with their custom orthopedic shoes. With over 100 years of experience, they recommend custom orthotics to relieve pain and allow you to resume your normal activities. However, keep in mind that they can do far more than just relieve your foot pain.

Why do custom orthotics perform better than generic orthotics?

Custom orthotics, also known as shoe inserts, are designed to provide support for problem areas in your feet. They can be used to lift an arch, relieve heel pain, and/or compensate for toe joint deformities.

When it comes to orthotics, customization is everything. Custom orthotics, as opposed to generic shoe inserts available over the counter or online, are tailored specifically for your foot. They are shaped to fit the contours and size of your feet and provide support exactly where you need it.

Also, because your feet are not stationary all day, it is best to consult with a podiatrist to evaluate your stride and recommend the best orthotics. This will give you a better understanding of how your feet function during movement. Every foot is different, and an insert that isn’t custom-fit can end up causing more pain than it relieves.

The numerous health advantages of custom orthotics:

Customizing your orthotic can help you in a variety of ways.

#1. Corrects foot abnormalities:

While discomfort is your symptom, underlying structural abnormalities are frequently the cause of foot pain. Custom orthotics, as opposed to masking your pain, address the underlying cause, such as collapsed arches (pronation) or high arches (supination).

#2. Reduces stress:

Custom orthotics provide cushioning and support by redistributing the pressure your feet experience during daily activities. This is especially useful if you have arthritis or stand for long periods of time at work. Orthotics also aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers and other diabetes-related foot abnormalities.

#3. Improves the health of the back, knees, and ankles:

You may be interested in custom orthotics because of foot pain, but you may also benefit if you are experiencing back pain, ankle pain, and/or knee pain. 

Your feet are responsible for maintaining proper alignment and a healthy range of motion in your ankles, knees, and back. Foot problems can cause pain and reduce mobility in your joints, muscles, and tendons as your stride or stance changes to compensate for foot pain.

This puts a strain on the soft tissue and bony structures in your back and legs. Custom orthotics can help prevent these issues by restoring proper foot alignment.

#4. Enhances athletic performance and general health:

Foot abnormalities can affect your performance, whether you’re a young athlete just starting out or a seasoned warrior trying to retain your title. Remember that it’s not just about running or walking. Foot pain can interfere with your golf stance, ability to pitch from the mound, or weekend cycling adventure. Custom orthotics can assist you in overcoming the pain that is limiting your performance. Furthermore, if you’re playing for health, no foot pain makes running, walking, and gym workouts easier and more enjoyable.

Many people who suffer from foot problems start wearing shoe inserts and heel inserts. However, they are extremely uncomfortable and painful solutions to leg length differences. The inserts move inside the shoe beneath the foot, causing discomfort and pain.

Heel lift inserts have another drawback. Shoe cavities only have the space to accommodate the foot; they are usually tight, and there is no extra room to add an insert inside the shoe cavity. Therefore, any leg length difference greater than 1/4″ must be addressed via external shoe sole modification rather than an insert.

If you are looking for experts to modify your shoe with a sole insert in the United States, contact American Heelers and you will get the best shoe customization service and walk all the way through your life with ease and comfort.

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