Why a Heel Lift is the Best Option for Leg Length Discrepancy?

If you’ve discovered that you have Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD) to the point where it is considered “significant”– aka, needs some sort of treatment to help you live comfortably, you may be wondering whether or not a heel lift is the best option. After all, orthotics like this cost a pretty penny and how can something so…low tech be so helpful? There’s a lot going for it, it turns out! 

The perks of heel lifts for LLD:

There are many perks to heel lifts, especially for those who are dealing with Leg Length Discrepancy, but here are some of the best benefits for you to focus on. 

●       They’ll even out your pelvis and ease discomfort: One of the common complaints for those with LLD is that they have pain and discomfort form the ankle to the hip. Wearing a heel lift is going to help even out the pelvis and take out that extra strain from those joints and problem areas to help you walk and otherwise move without discomfort any time you are on your feet. 

●       You’ll have a much more even gait: If you have a noticeable discrepancy in your gait, you’ll be happy to learn that heel lifts will correct that visibly as well as physically for you when you walk. You’ll be able to stride with confidence knowing that you look fantastic and you’re still able to walk comfortably without the feeling as though something is jammed in your shoe. 

●       You’ll be free from unnecessary injury: Living with LLD means that your shorter leg will be more prone to injury, mostly due to the extra strain it takes. If you want to protect your leg is much as possible, a heel lift is the best helping hand. You can still do everything you want to do, but you won’t be putting extra wear and tear on it. Again, it just keeps everything in proportion with your other, longer leg! 

●       It’s the easiest option: Another huge selling point to heel lifts is that they are the safest and easiest option for treating LLD. Other treatments include prosthetics and even leg-shortening surgery. However, these are invasive and expensive. Not to mention that they often come with complications. Heel lifts are the easiest, painless option for those living with LLD. This is true for both children and adults who are living with LLD and trying to determine what treatment to go with.

Then there’s the fact that heel lifts are easy and invisible to the eye. Anyone who is watching you walk down the street isn’t going to be able to tell that you have a heel lift in your shoe. For those that are especially self-conscious, this is a great way to keep your LLD your own little secret. In all seriousness, the right heel lifts can make all of the positive difference for your leg length discrepancy, both in terms of your health and aesthetics. If you are suffering from LLD and you want to get comfort that you can depend on long-term, professional orthopedic heel lifts are the best options out there!

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