Why Orthopedic Shoes? And It’s Advantages

There are a few who are born with feet with the perfect shape or neutral shape. Their foot is neutral enough that they actually don’t need any type of additional support to help it to hold its shape. They can use all common types of shoes to walk comfortably and carry the load of the body. But what about the majority of the people with defective foot sizes. Many times, you can’t mark the difference just by looking at it but medically they need orthotic shoes to correct the foot related issues and prevent any future pain or injury.

Did you know?
90% of women wear shoes that are too small in size80% of women wear shoes that are uncomfortable 90% of women are more likely than men to suffer from foot related issues mainly because of wearing shoes with wrong fittings90% of foot problems in women is because of tightly fitting shoes

Don’t take it lightly – Your feet are the foundation of your body. So any problems with their alignment can negatively impact your entire body. Orthopedic shoes can counteract foot-related problems, providing the following advantages:

1. Provides Firm Support to the Feet

It is very much essential to provide the best support that they need. Failing to do this will lead to painful foot deformities like plantar flat feet, ingrown toenails, and blisters, etc. Over time, the discomfort caused by these conditions can have an ill-impact effect on your daily activities and most likely limit your mobility as well. The more the number of days these problems are left untreated the more will be the pain and discomfort. So it is recommended to always listen to your foot to have a quality life.

Orthopedic shoes do a lot and not just support the arches. They assist cushion the entire foot, providing it with the support that it needs. Sometimes they even correct problems with foot alignment, reducing pain, and stopping any existing problems from getting worse. By wearing orthopedic shoes consistently, the degree of pain that you simply experience in your feet can improve significantly.

You have options like getting a complete shoe remodeled as per the required fit or purchasing a custom shoe insert which you can place in any shoe that you want to use. However, shoe inserts only help when dealing with Leg length discrepancies less than ¼”.

2. Better Foot Circulation

One of the most common problems with diabetic neuropathy is that it prevents people from feeling foot-related discomfort. Consequently, it becomes difficult to notice any problems growing in your feet until they become quite severe. Without proper treatment, these foot problems can lead to complex problems that require more intensive treatments to correct or repair.

Orthopedic shoes give the feet better space to move within, which can cause better circulation. These shoes also can help minimize nerve-related pain, providing relief for people with diabetic neuropathy. When dealing with neuropathy, orthopedic shoes are the only option since they provide support, comfort, and protection as well to the feet. Some of you might be thinking of sacrificing the fashionable look in order to take care of the health of your feet. But given the opportunity, orthopedic shoe repair centers like American Heelers will customize your shoes in the finest way that you will always love to wear these shoes with all comfort and style.

3. Lower Pain in the Foot

Did you know?
A healthy person should ideally walk 72 steps per minuteAn approximate of 10000 steps per day

From the figures above, it is easy to determine how important the fit of the shoes you wear and how dangerously it can cause pain and worsen foot health by shoes with the incorrect fit. The only yet simplest solution is to invest in high-quality orthopedic shoes that fit correctly and provide adequate support.

With the advancement of technology and human expertise, today orthopedic shoes are not less than any standard shoes while the style and look are in concern. The primary difference is that they have more space within the toe box, keeping your toes from being squeezed too tightly together. These shoes also are usually available in non-standard sizes, making them the best option for people having difficult-to-fit feet. The shape of the shoe is designed in such a way that they minimize the possibilities of your feet rubbing on the sides. At the same time, the heels of the shoe ensure your feet from sliding too far up toward the front of the shoe, hence minimizing the pain and improving the comfort level. The longer you wear these shoes the better the benefits you will receive for your feet. 

4. Better to Heal Your Foot Related Problems 

Maximum cases of foot related issues that people experience are caused because of arches or misalignment. The issues with the arches of the feet most likely to end with walking-related pain. Leaving these problems unattended may lead to increased pain or discomfort. Going further, it can also cause permanent damage that needs complex procedures like surgery to repair. An earlier starting to wear orthopedic shoes will both stop additional damage from happening and heal many small problems that you are currently experiencing. In addition to fixing alignment issues, the right shoes can keep the arches of your feet in great shape. By taking care of your feet today, you’re less likely to experience more significant problems as you grow older.

5. Improved Mobility

Reduced or discomfort mobility is one of the major issues that people with foot pain experience. Quite obviously you are ought to miss a lot of enjoyment out of your life if unable to move comfortably and explore the earth around you. Limited mobility may result in many related foot problems like heel spurs and bunions to plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and hammertoe. People who suffer from these conditions experience pain once they walk. As a result, quality of life decreases leading to stress.
Orthopedic shoes are the best option for people having foot pain to improve their mobility. American Heeler is a decade old shoe modification center and prides itself on helping people with limb and leg length discrepancy by helping them correct it. Starting from shoe inserts to shoe lifts, all sorts of Orthopedic shoe customization is done with utmost care and precision to bring back the quality and enjoyment of your life. Call us today at 888-443-3537 or leave us an email at info@americanheeler.com to further discuss your requirements.

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