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“I just got the shoe you installed a lift on this morning, it feels great.”

Jim A.
Luling, TX

“Hey guys. Just received my shoes and I got to say, I'm blown away by your work. Way beyond my expectations. You guys will be receiving all my shoe heel lift business from now on. Thanks again!”

Jason P.
Portland, OR

“I just got my shoes back and the workmanship is fantastic!!!! I have had problems in the past and have shoes I can't wear.....but these guys did a GREAT GREAT job . They also did a pair of Dr Martens for me..... everyone including the shoe store said no one could do it....well they were wrong!!!! Thanks again and I will be a returning customer! Fast return also I think it was 10 days from the time I sent them out till I got them fast! Thanks”

Teresa M.
Dickinson, ND

“I just got my shoes back and the workmanship is fantastic!!!! I have had problems in the past and have shoes I can't wear.....but these guys did a GREAT GREAT job . They also did a pair of Dr Martens for me..... everyone including the shoe store said no one could do it....well they were wrong!!!! Thanks again and I will be a returning customer! Fast return also I think it was 10 days from the time I sent them out till I got them fast! Thanks”

Teresa M.
Dickinson, ND

“OMG! I received my shoe and it is awesome. I sent another shoe out to you today for a shoe lift. I am going shoe shopping and will be sending more so please send me another mailer. Thanks so much for your quality work.”

Mary R.
Corning, NY

“My dad got the shoe in India. Good work. He likes it.”

Srini J.
Plano ,TX

“I am truly amazed that you were able to do such an amazing job on my shoes with the shoe lift modifications you put in. Thank you sooo much it means a lot you have no idea. Happy holidays.”

Zach S.
Carmel, IN

“Dear Mr. Romanov, I really think you offer a fantastic product and service. I have mentioned your product to a number of my physical therapists, and have recently given your website information to my chiropractor, who tells me she has quite a few patients who are in need of your shoe lift service. Thank you for providing this excellent service and Happy Holidays!”

Bob R.
Chicago, IL

“I have appreciated your service in the past, you do a good job at a good price.”

Franz S.
Coeurs d’Alene, ID

“Ilya, I received my shoe today and I am very pleased with the workmanship. The heel lift was perfect. I am so glad I found you to do my shoes. You will be getting my future business. Thank you for the great job.”

Lonnie S.
New Bethlehem, PA

“Alex, I contacted you for my husband. He did follow through with getting the lifts on all of his shoes, through your company. He is thrilled. Great job. He feels much better and the shoes look great. Wonderful service at a reasonable price. So glad you are there.”

Kathleen B.
Portland, OR

“Dear Mr. Romanov,
I received two of my shoes back from your company in a week's time. They arrived as stated in the email. I waited for the mailperson to deliver them. I am deeply grateful for your promptness, your professionalism and for the great comfort I experience this weekend. I wore one of the shoes all afternoon on Friday and all day on Saturday cooking for 60 people. Today I served those people at Church and wore the other shoe. Both are wonderful and I thank you very much. I have had such pain since my hip replacement 2 1/2 years ago and have tried a number of different heel lifts, inserts etc. all to no avail or very little help. I plan to continue to wear these two pair for a few weeks and will most likely send more shoes for adjustments. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.”

Marilyn K.
Phoenix, AZ

“Dear Mr Romanov: The shoes your company recently worked on and returned were done in a technically superior manner to the work of two other places I have tried previously. For that reason I am interested in using your company's services again.”

Samer P.
Mahopac, NY

“Ilya, I just received my shoes with their shoe lift modifications (3/8 inch build up for entire sole). I was so excited that I actually ran back to my apartment to try them on. They look wonderful! I am so pleased that I can wear fashionable shoes and not have to suffer through hip and back pain anymore; no one could accurately modify them for me before. I am putting more shoes in the mail this week! Thank you for your amazing service”

Stephanie R.
Arlington, VA

“I wanted to tell you how much I like my shoes. I feel so much better since I've been wearing them. My feet feel better and I can't tell you how much better my back is. My back pain is gone. I've told several people and I've given them your card. I'll keep telling them and I hope you get some business from them. Thank You!”

Judy W.
Lake Wales, FL

“I received my shoes last week and am "thrilled" with the results. I will be using your services in the future and my next visit to my Orthopedic Doctor, I will leave some of the cards that were enclosed in the box. I know there has to be a lot of people like me that have no idea that you can get your shoes adapted to fit your problem. By the way, in case it is useful for you to know, I found your Company through Yahoo. All I did was type in "one leg shorter than the other" and it brought up your firm's web site. Best discovery I've ever made. Thanks for doing such a great job!!!!”

Wanda S.
St. Louis, MO

“I received my shoes Friday and I am very satisfied. The speed my shoes were completed was incredible. The care you took was incredible. I love the work you did! I will be a Repeat Customer!!!!!!”

Gary G.
West Memphis, AR

“I received my second shoe order yesterday with the shoe lifts, and want to thank you for doing such a great job. Fit perfect, workmanship is excellent, service is good and price reasonable. I will recommend you to my HIP doctor and leave your card.”

Clayton S.
Louisville, KY

“Ilya Romanov: We have been very pleased with all of your past service to our son's shoes. Our son's neurologist last week saw his shoe lift and was very impressed with the workmanship. He asked for your information so he can pass it on to other patients. I will send this doctor your information. I am glad to help spread the word of your business. Thanks for being there to provide a very important service to people with leg length discrepancies. Blessings to you and your staff!”

Lois A.
Elk Grove, CA

“Shoe lifts from you changed my life. I am still not completely ok, but getting better. Thanks so much for your services!”

Cesar O.
Elk Burbank, CA

“I received the shoe with 1cm shoe lift today in Priority Mail. I am pleased with the workmanship. I would like to send two more shoes right away”

Rajender P.
Hoffman Estates, IL

“The shoes arrived today and I wanted to tell you that you did an outstanding job on both pairs. I am very happy with your work. The last pair of Clark sandals I sent to you looks fantastic. I wanted to tell you that I had two pairs of them and I sent one pair to one of your competitors to see how well they did. They charged about the same amount and did the work in about the same amount of time (it took them a few days longer). The difference between the two pairs is startling. The pair you worked on looks ten times better than the other pair your competitor worked on. They belt sanded the sides of the sandals and it looks awful and handled it aggressively so that the shine was worn off the shoe and it looked used (I had to polish it to get it to match the other shoe). They even managed to gouge a hole in the inner sole and glue the one of the crevices in the sole closed (I had to cut it to release it). I was sorely disappointed. The work you did was outstanding and I appreciate the care with which you handle the shoes. I pay a lot for my shoes (Clarks, Keen, Sperry and Ecco) so I thank you for the care you use in handling them. When you add the shoe lift cost to the shoe cost – that really adds up. Thanks again for doing such a good job.”

Barry H.
Panama City Beach, FL

“Just wanted to tell you that you people, did a real good job, on my golf shoe. Wore it two days in a row, on the golf course, and the shoe was real comfortable. Thank you.”

Tom M.
Port St. Lucie, FL

“Your work and service is excellent. I gave your card to my podiatrist. He said he is going to reach out to you to get further info. So he can refer his patients as I showed him your work on a pair of my shoes. Great doing business with you.”

Callista O.
Holland, PA

“Just received my fourth shoe which has been lifted. Every pair I've had done is great! It is so neat to be able to stand evenly with both feet flat on the ground. Thanks for such great looking work. I showed a pair I had on to my brother and he couldn't tell the difference until I pointed it out to him!”

LouAnn P.
O’Neill, NE

“Thank you so much for getting out order in the mail as quickly as you did. The job looks good as always. Thanks again.”

Jerry B.
Sulphur, LA

“You have given me such fine shoe lift service. I have shared your information with Fox Valley Orthopaedics and am sure you will be getting requests soon from others in this area (St. Charles/Geneva/Chicago land area). Thanks for your continued excellent”

Sally B.
Chicago, IL

“I am stunned by the high level of quality craftsmanship you provided me in adding a "lift" to my shoe! Thank you very much! I am wearing my shoe now as I write. It is simply perfect! Happy Fathers Day to you all! Respectfully, Frankie the Crip”

Frank C.
Rock Island, IL

“I love my shoes. My doctors in France and in the USA should have known and should have told me about your work. I have being suffering for 42 years now, trying to avoid surgery. And the added lift is a huge relief. I love this shoes so much that I a going to sleep with them on.”

Andre P.
Bath, ME

“Ilya, Received my shoe lifts yesterday and couldn't have been more pleased. The workmanship is outstanding, to the point of ordering two new pairs of shoes for myself, something I normally would never do, but knowing in advance how great they will be when I get them back from American Heelers (cute) I knew it was a luxury I could afford myself. I have a neighbor who has similar issues with his shoes and can tell you with certainty once he has seen the work that you provide, he too will be a satisfied customer. My sincerest thanks,”

Russell K.
Dearborn, MI

“I would like to commend you for the work recently performed for me. I used to have full sole lifts put on all my shoes by a local company. Your work is far superior. I will continue to do business with your company in the future.”

Terry R.
Gretna, LA

“I just got the 4 shoes that you modified with a 1 inch shoe lift. Great work!!!! So much better than the local place I have used. Keep up the good work and I will always be a loyal customer.”

Burton B.
Flower Mound, TX

“We received the shoe with shoe lift modification it looks great. For the past 15 years, our son has been getting his shoes from the Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia. They have always attached the lift directly to the sole. For years, we thought this was the only way it could be done. Unfortunately, this is still the only method they use today. Your shoe looks and performs so much better. We will be sharing our experience with others. Thank you so much.”

Steve S.
Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you for a wonderful job on the lift for my husband's boot. It looks wonderful and is very comfortable. I have a couple of horror stories I could tell you. We have had a hard time finding someone who cares enough to do quality work. Thank you again. We are already sending you some more work!!!”

Ewel G.
Wesley Chapel, FL

“I am very impressed with your customer service, the quality / workmanship of the shoes that I received, and the impressive turn-around time from send-off to return. You can definitely count on continued purchases from me when I send you my dress / casual / tennis / bowling shoes in the future for shoe lifts. I will also refer your business to anyone who needs shoe buildups. Once again, I offer many thank you and look forward to contacting you again when the need arises.”

Simon M.
Florence, AL

I just got my shoes back and the workmanship is fantastic!!!! I have had problems in the past and have shoes I can't wear.....but these guys did a GREAT GREAT job . They also did a pair of Dr Martens for me..... everyone including the shoe store said no one could do it....well they where wrong!!!! Thanks again and I will be a returning customer! Thanks

Teresa M.
Dickinson, ND

Just wanted to say that you do great work. And that my 3yr old daughter can now walk great a d have any shoe she the work you do.

Suzanne D.
Wading River, NY

"I got my boot in the mail today and I am very impressed. I live in a small town and could not get a lift by splitting the sole only another sole put on the bottom. You guys are great. Super fast too. All my work goes to you from now on."

James C.
Sparta, TN

"I just got my shoes back from you today. I just want to say thanks for doing such a great job; it's really refreshing to see that there are still those whom care about craftsmanship in their work. The lifts look great! Thanks Again,"

Richard R.
Nacogdoches Texas

"I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed and satisfied with the quality of work done on my shoes. I sent in two right shoes that required lifting. A national chain fitter located in my town said that the shoes could not be lifted. I had my shoes for about 2 years and I was thinking of giving them away. Imagine, two pairs of Italian leather shoes. Now that I've done business with you, my choice of shoes is virtually limitless. Please accept my sincerest thanks."

Victor P.
El Paso, TX

"I just wanted you to know that I received the shoe and it looks great!!! Thanks a million. I will be a repeat customer."

Scott M.
Lakewood, NJ

"Hi Guys! I got my boot back today (the black Helly Hansen snow boot) and just in time for our first snow this weekend. You are wonderful, as always! Thank you so much, "

Kathleen C.
Anchorage, AK

"I just got my shoes back from you guys. Thank you! You did a fantastic job."

Dinesh Kalwani
Chicago, IL

"I had hip replacement surgery last February (because of severe arthritis) that left my legs two different lengths (1/2 inch difference). This caused a lot of problems including increased pain in every joint from the waist down. I tried a number of inserts and lifts that only made matters worse because they would slip and I would end up falling, was totally out of balance and my shoes were so tight it was like being strangled. That's when I discovered This business was willing to take any pair of shoe I could send them, cut off the sole, apply an exterior lift in the height I needed and then reapply the original sole. They matched the material so well no one can tell and I can walk now without crutches or falling and my dignity intact! Before sending shoes to American Heelers, I checked local businesses and they not only had restrictions on the type of shoe they would apply a lift for, but they wanted more money and I had to drive to them! American Heelers sent me the package to mail and I had them back in less than two weeks. I had also called every reference my doctor's office gave me and couldn't find a good solution. Thanks to American Heelers, I can walk again with confidence and a whole lot less pain! I have given their information to my doctor as well as other patients. What a God send! Thank you Alex and may God bless you! If you ever go out of business, I will be completely lost!"

Elizabeth K.
Garland, TX

"I don't know what your company does differently than the labs around here in Illinois, but THANK YOU! I fight with the labs every time I buy my son a pair of shoes. They call me 2 weeks after I drop my shoes off that they can't split the sole and it was a 40 minute drive to drop the shoes off. It was really getting annoying. At my last visit is when my orthopedic doctor suggested your company and I was thrilled by the comments on your website that you could split any sole. Thanks again."

Kelly B.
Saint Charles, IL

"We are very happy to find you."

Blanche C.
Hallettsville, TX

"I can tell you that the lift in my shoe, once it's broken in, has made a big difference in my life. No more "portable" lifts in the heel of my shoe, which move, get under the arch, and are half the size I need, (but shoes aren't made to take the total increase in height that I need). I will be slowly converting my inventory of shoes. Thank you."

Kathy R.
Wind Gap, PA

"Found you on the internet. Have used you twice now and have been very pleased with the outcome and service. Your turnaround time is very remarkable. Thanks"

Midge F.
Lafayette, MN

"I really liked the pictures on your web page that showed actual lifts. I was very impressed with your technique and the look of the shoes. I've had it done by a local orthopedic shoe store and they just slapped the lift on the bottom. It looks bad and left the bottom slippery. When I asked them to use the tread that was originally on the bottom, the glue they used didn't hold and it kept peeling off. Your product is well represented on your website in the pictures and in the explanation of how you put in the lift. I've been very happy with the shoes you've done for me and will be sending more. I love the ease in sending and receiving the shoes. I live in a rural area so I had to drive 45 minutes each way to take my shoes and again to pick them up. This is so much easier. Keep this system."

Linda B.
Bethany, PA

"I am thrilled with the easy shipping and beautiful craftsmanship."

Pamela L.
Lexington, SC

"You are doing a great service to people who have shoe problems- my hip was replaced and due to the damages in the hip socket the specialist surgeons had to replace the hip which made my leg about ½” longer and that’s why I need to have a shoe lift done for my left feet."

Jayne M.
Casa Grande, AZ

“Thanks Alex! You did wonderful job on the shoes. We have more coming. I've told my family and others. They are preparing to contact you as well. Thanks so much for being there.”

Charlie T.
San Antonio, TX

“I used your services for the first time in Sept. 2008 and ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE RESULTS! I would like to "build up" the sole on another pair of boots so I can use them for riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle as well. Basically, I'd like you to remove the sole and add the "build up", so that in total the heel will be about 2 1/2" and the toe part 1 1/2". Please send me a mail envelope! Thanks so much”

Colette H.
Littleton, NH

I love my shoes!! I am so happy to have a pair of tennis shoes after 6 years!! I don’t want to take them off! Thanks, and I will share your info.

Robin C.
Kiowa, CO

Thank you for your great craftsmanship! You all have made my life so much easier to get around. No more back aches from uneven shoe lengths. Your talents have gone a ling way in enhancing my life! I have shared your web site with some others who have noticed my shoes. I hope you get some orders from Virginia.

Mandy P.
Harrisonburg, VA

Need a 1" (one inch) lift added to a tennis shoe. I had a 1" lift added to another tennis shoe a couple of weeks ago and it's made a complete difference in the way I walk! Thank you so much!!!!

Lorraine F.
Cocoa, FL

I just received my latest lifts. They look fantastic! Thanks so much!! Keep up the great work, and I'll spread the word!

Donna C.
Morganton, NC

I wanted to let you know that the shoe turned out great!! To have my 20 year old fashion conscious daughter wear it without complaint is a huge compliment to your work! Thanks! When she gets back, we will be sending more shoes! Have a great day!

Ellen G.
Cincinnati, OH

I have used your leg length discrepancy service with great success. The lift added to my shoes makes life so much easier. Thank you.

Jean W.
Coatesville, PA

Just wanted to say I received my boot today and it looked great. The build-up looked good and feels good (wearing my boots now). The gentleman that used to do the work passed away. I'm so glad I found you! No one in my area does build-ups anymore. Was in an accident 5 years ago when I turned 18, & had 3 surgeries, enough is enough, A build-up is fine with me, I have my leg & can walk. You will get more of my business next time I get a new pair of boots...Thanks again.

Nathan P.
Fremont, OH

I received the shoes yesterday, thank you again. Your lift is allowing me to walk straight again after hip replacement surgery last November

Jose P.
Orlando, FL

We received our shoes today and I was really happy with how well they looked. We will continue using this site. Thank you so much.

Wendy R.
Sag Harbor, NY

Received the walking shoe I sent in to have built up and they look and feel great.. Thank You. Again, thank you all for the great quality of workmanship and prompt service.

Peter M.
Ojai, CA

The chucka boot you did was excellent, delivery was fast, and the shoe very comfortable. Thank you. More shoes will be coming your way.

William E.
Sunland, CA

Thank you so very very much for the fantastic job that your company did in modifying my shoes and boots.

I am completely thrilled with the modifications - it is a real pleasure to walk again with comfort and ease.

My deepest appreciation for all that you did - you have a true quality company!

Catherine M.
Thurmont, MD

I received my shoe with the lift! It looks great and I was impressed with the job!

Melissa D.
Franklin, VA

Thank you for making my life a bit easier now that I don't have to try to keep a temporary insert in the heel of my shoe, in the heel of my shoe. They always move forward and create so much trouble. I've been putting up with this since 2003. Also, purchasing new shoes is definitely easier now that I don't have to make allowances for the amount of room I need in the heel to keep the shoe on my foot. Ah, my feet are a lot happier now. So is my back.

Kathy R.
Wind Gap, PA

Alex and your crew....
Thank you so much for all you've done for me. This last shoe, which was my mistake in sending, and your note back to me about putting the lift on the other shoe and repairing the other back to its normal state, just shows how wonderful you are. I've been having lifts on my shoes for the last 8 years and I've NEVER had anyone do as good a job and be as nice as you are...
Thank you again so much and I'll have more in the spring......MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Patricia R.
Bellville, OH

"A true craftsman! Rare these days."

Brad C.
Atlanta, GA