Hard to split soles for shoe lift

American Heelers Orthopedic Shoe Lift service is a very unique service. We understand how hard it is to find a true craftsman these days. That is why we made it very easy for every day people to use our service. As long you have an internet connection, email address, and United States Postal Service to your home or office you can use our service for heel lifts. The process is simple. You start by placing an order on our web site, specify how high you would like your heel lift to be and you are all set. An American Heelers technician will send you a postage paid shipping kit to your home or office which you will use to send us the shoes for shoe heel lifts. The heel lift can be done just on the heel or across the whole length of the shoe, which we recommend.

The process by which we do the heel lifts is the most advanced in the business. The lifts are installed by splitting the sole of your shoes in half, adding the build up as specified and then placing the bottoms back on. By using this method we ensure your foot does not experience the pains and side effects of thick insoles and the modification we complete is as least noticeable as possible. Over the years we have done tens of thousands of these types of jobs and have customers who have all their shoes modified in this way. It is very easy!