Add Height through Shoe Modification and Be Taller

Our pricing is very affordable and reasonable. The first ½” of build up work is $68.99, this includes shipping both to and from our facility. ½” makes a huge difference, as told to us by our many clients. Get your own height increase shoes through our service and add up to 3” of height to yourself. You can go from 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 9 at the drop of a hat. Height increase shoes are very effective in making you appear taller.

Just place an order on our site and we will send you a postage paid shipping kit for your footwear. It is easy to use, all you do is place the shoe inside the bag and leave the sealed envelope with your outgoing mail for your postal carrier to pick up. Then sit back and wait for your shoes to arrive, modified.

You can also print the shipping label at Shoe Modification Order Form and not have to wait for the shipping kit to arrive. Just go ahead, print, package, and mail today! Our service is 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed.