Orthopedicshoelift.com customizes shoes to correct Leg Length Discrepancies

American Heelers Orthopedic Shoe Modification service is very easy and simple to use. People send us orthopedic shoes every day for our custom lifts or we can turn a regular shoe into an orthopedic shoe. In most cases this is the procedure.

  1. Customer finds our web site
  2. Check out our FAQ section
  3. Looks at the pictures we have posted of previous work
  4. Places an order on the site
  5. We send them a postage paid shipping kit
  6. Customer send us one or more shoes to be modified
  7. We bill the customer by sending an e-mail with a link to a bill which can be paid with a CC or electronic check.
  8. Shoes arrive ready to wear

This whole process usually takes 7-10 business days. We work with orthopedic shoes every day and they are very easy to outfit with a full sole lift. The orthopedic shoe can be built up for a leg length discrepancy anywhere from ¼” to 4” in height in the sole. Most people who wear orthopedic shoes also use our shoe lift service to correct for a leg length discrepancy. We do not sell orthopedic shoes but we will turn your ordinary regular shoes into something more comfortable for your foot ailment. Just inquire on our site about how we can do this for you and a shoe technician will give you a personal consultation and get you on the way to comfortable feet. Please try our great service!