American Heelers shoe modifications are better for your feet than inserts

American Heelers uses the best possible method to correct for leg length discrepancy. When dealing with leg length discrepancy of ¼” or more, shoe inserts will not due the trick. A shoe insert only works when there is a very small fractional need to build height in a shoe. If the shoes inserts are too big and too thick, it will cause great discomfort and pain to the foot and will do more harm than actual good. The shoe insert will have a negative effect on the spine and back and eventually cause pain.

The correct way to deal with the problem is through American Heelers method of adding a shoe lift to the sole of the shoe. This method is very superior to shoe inserts in many ways. The method involves making a very precise cut down through the sole of a shoe, boat shoe, golf shoe, boot, or tennis shoe. Then the desired height is added, molded and placed. Then the bottoms are put back on, tapered and the height is added. Shoe inserts only work when the leg length discrepancy is only about 1/8” which is not in many cases.

Through this method, not only do you get the desired results of being able to walk comfortably and normally but you can also have this modification done with little notice ability to your favorite shoes. Just check out the feedback page and see what people like you who have used this method are saying about the results.