American Heelers 7-Day Shoe Modification Service with Free Shipping

Send us your shoe and we will outfit it with custom shoe lifts which are not noticeable to other people when they look at your feet. The shoe lift is built into the sole of the shoe. We split the sole in half with a precision cut, cutting it into two pieces. We then insert the shoes lifts in between the two layers of your sole. The shoe lift is custom fitted, cut and tapered before the bottoms are put back on. This allows you to walk on it without noticing that there has been any type of modification done to your shoe. Most people who have a leg length discrepancy find our fast and relatively cheap service very useful. After doing one of the shoes people always come back to do more shoes. This service allows people with leg length discrepancies to buy the same shoes that everyone else buys and have the outfitted for shoe lifts.

We use a very light weight composite material for the shoe lift we install, this way it does not add any weight to the shoe and you will not notice a difference in weight in the two shoes. This way your back and neck will not be affected. This is a better method than using shoe inserts which stop working when you need more than a ¼” build up because it will push your foot out of your shoe and cause great discomfort for you in the long term. Please try us!